Shipping and Refunds
Shipping, Stocking, and Financial Transaction Fees
Shipping, Stocking, and Financial Transaction Fees fees apply to ALL products being delivered to the customer.
Once a product has been shipped,  the original Shipping, Handling, and Financial Transaction Fees are

- A Stocking Fee of $12 is applied to every purchase of a PitchScope product.

- A Financial Transaction Fee of $5 is applied to every purchase of a PitchScope product.

- Shipping fees vary by the shipping choice and carrier made by the consumer.
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Refund Guidelines
You may request a Return Authorization Number and a Refund if you meet the following
- If your problems, if after you have followed our technical support instructions exactly, remain unsolved. Contact Technical
Support by e-mailing  customersupport@creativedetectors.com.

- If the technical support person you have worked with is able to determine that the PitchScope product software that you
purchased will NOT perform an advertised function as described.

- If you constantly encounter an error which is preventing you from using a PitchScope product properly, and if we are not able
to correct the error within an acceptable period of time. For this case the refund is only available if you have worked with a
technical support person and have given them necessary information about the problem such as screen shots, descriptions of
steps to reproduce the failure, file samples, etc.

- If you have received a Return Authorization Number with full instructions on how to properly return the PitchScope software.
You may NOT qualify for a refund if one of the following applies:
- If the refund request reaches us after 30 days from the date of purchase.

- If you demand a refund immediately after buying the software.
- If you inform us that you have changed your decision to buy the a PitchScope product without giving us any particular

- If your computer configuration and/or operating system does not meet our recommended system requirements as stated
upon our web site

- If you do not reply to our email and confirm your request within the 14 days from the first day that you file a claim for the

- If the package is received and there is no Return Authorization Number on the outside of the box the shipping and receiving
department will refuse package.

- If no package of the original product is received, or any of the original purchased items (discs, manual, CD covers, etc.) are
missing or damaged.
If a refund is granted, your refund amount will be the purchase price minus Shipping, Stocking, and Financial Transaction Fees.