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You must fill in all fields of this form in order to be eligible for  Customer Support and future Upgrades.

To register, you will need to have your Serial Number which is displayed on the About PitchScope Navigator dialog box (from Help Menu,
select "About PitchScope Navigator"). The dialog box also contains copyright information for the licensing of PitchScope Navigator. To
easily and accurately retrieve the serial number from the About PitchScope Navigator dialog box, just press the
Copy Serial Number to
Button, and then that serial number will become copied to your Clipboard, as with any other text application. After pressing the
Copy Serial Number to Clipboard Button, mouse-click inside the Serial Number text box, and then select the PASTE menu command.

If you violate the terms of the copyright, your licence to Navigator will be revoked and you will not be eligible for Customer Service or any
other PitchScope products or upgrades. PitchScope Player users who wish to register should submit the 4 digit
Edition Number (instead of
Serial Number) on the
About PitchScope Player dialog, accessible from the Help Menu.

Order Number is the 5 Digit Number you copied down when buying PitchScope product ( click here  to see the Download Page, and
its mention of the Order Number ).
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