PitchScope  Player
Free Note Detecting Shareware for your MP3 music files.
PitchScope Player  is a free shareware application designed to demonstrate some of the pitch detecting and
automatic music transcription capabilities of our flagship products,
PitchScope Navigator and PitchScope 2.0.

Player is much more than a MP3 player -- it can also do realtime note detection while you listen. The newly detected notes are
animated upon a colored circular display while your Windows Midi Synthesizer plays the detected notes along with the music.

Player is designed to work on musical instrument solos, and is not really intended to detect the pitch of the human voice.

PitchScope Player is a type of educational software and is simple enough to use for children 6 years and older.
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Automatic Note Detection in Realtime.

PitchScope products were originally designed to help
musicians figure out and write down the notes in a recording
of a musical instrument's solo, such as a solo from a
saxophone or an electric guitar.

PitchScope Player is a type of music analysis software that is
designed to detect the most dominant pitch (a musical note)
at any given moment in time within a MP3 or WAV music file.
Player is designed to work on musical instrument solos, and
is not really intended to detect the pitch of a human voice. It
can not detect multiple simultaneous notes, but will resort to
just finding the loudest pitch at any given moment in time.

To have Player do note detection, all the user needs to do is
load a MP3 file and push the Play Button. While the music
plays, the Realtime Note Detector finds notes and plays them
through Windows built-in midi synthesizer.

Doing good note detection requires that the user carefully
adjust the Note Detection Controls at the right. This is similar
to how one might adjust the
focus on a telescope to get the
best possible image.
Animation of Playing Notes.

To help users follow the music, Player comes with an animation
device called the Revolver, which resembles the face of a
clock, but instead of having numbers for the hours, it has the
notes' letter-names for the 12 pitches in an octave. As the
music plays, the currently detected midi note lights up at that
note's position on the circle.

As a new song plays, Player will attempt to calculate the
Musical Key of the song after about a minute. You will then see
the Root Note of the new Musical Key displayed in the
bottom-most position of the Revolver Animation's circle of
notes (Example: If the song is in the key of 'C', after about a
minute you will see the Revolver Animation change its
configuration and place the 'C' note at the bottom of its circle).
Instrument Choices for Midi Synthesizer.

Nothing is needed other than Microsoft Windows, in order to
use Player. Windows comes with a free, built-in, Midi
Synthesizer which can play the notes that the Realtime Note
Detector finds.

While the music is playing the, users can quickly pick from 96
different Midi Instruments of Windows by clicking on the Midi
Instrument spin control. In the case below, the current
musical instrument is set to "Percussive organ" which sounds
similar to a Hammond organ's percussion effect.

Unlike Player, PitchScope
Navigator can also access external
midi devices that you have connected to your computer.
System Requirements:
To use this software, your Windows PC should have:
- A microprocessor running faster than 750 MHz
- At least 256 MB of RAM
- A graphics display of at least 256 colors
- Direct X, Version 4.0 or later
- Microsoft Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
- A sound chip or sound card
Player Download
Downloaded shareware version with online manual.
A Freely Distributable Playing Device for
Notelist Transcriptions.

Though Player can not create notelist files, it can load and
play PitchScope Notelist files. Only PitchScope Navigator and
PitchScope 1.0 can create Notelist files.

Applications like PitchScope Navigator can
save the
spontaneously detected notes to a Notelist file which can later
be reloaded to Navigator or Player, or shared with other users
on the Internet.

Since PitchScope Player is a
shareware application, Navigator
users who wish to distribute their Notelist Transcription Files
upon the Internet can legally distribute PitchScope Player as a
listening device for those Notelists, as long as they abide by
the shareware License Agreement for PitchScope Player.