Watercolor Resources
What is Watercolor Painting?
Watercolor is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. The traditional and most
common form of watercolor art is to apply the pigments to paper with a brush.

Watercolor art is frequently done by applying a few translucent color washes over one another with a brush. Because of the translucent nature
of color washes, the colors tend to blend and create new colors where two or more different colored washes overlap. Due of the blending of
overlaying colors, a painting which seems to be made of many different colors can be accomplished with only a few different color washes. The
mixing of translucent color is a big part of watercolor art's appeal, and creates an intrinsic color structure within the final painting.

Watercolor art is often quickly executed, and a loose feel to its brushstrokes often adds spontaneity and enhances its appeal. These traditional
qualities of watercolor art -- translucent color blending and loose brushstrokes -- have been digitally recreated in HueScope
Separator and
PhotoStrator to enable quick and exciting color studies from your photos.

Since the attributes of watercolor are so tightly connected to HueScope software, it makes sense that we provide links to information and
examples of the
traditional application of watercolor paints upon paper.
Resources for Watercolor Technique
&  Graphics Tools
Watercolor Instruction on the Internet
While you are using HueScope software it would be wise to occasionally take a break and read up on how watercolor art is traditionally
performed upon paper with a brush. Here are some links to some excellent sites whose brief tutorials will give you a glimpse into the principles
and theories behind this medium.  
Examples of Watercolor Art
Here are some links to examples of watercolor art, so that you study how others have approached the medium:
Tools for Computer Graphics with HueScope PhotoStrator
James Richards has an interesting portfolio of pen and watercolor art at:
The Urban Sketchers group on Flickr often has some good pen and watercolor art among its members:
The Wacom Intuos Draw is an excellent drawing tablet for under $100 that you can use to quickly create outlines. It is easy to
install, connects to the computer like a mouse, and has the feel of drawing on paper.
Watercolor Painting .Com has instruction at many different levels:
Scanners are frequently less than $100, and are an inexpensive way to get high-quality images of your pencil or pen sketches
PhotoStrator for outlines.
Epson is good for both scanners and printers:
Creating outlines by hand -- either on paper or with a digital drawing tablet -- will greatly improve the quality of your art in
PhotoStrator. Here are some links to those tools.
Flatbed Scanners for Pen or Pencil Sketches -
Digital Drawing Tablets -
Pinterest.com is a great website to find artwork. Basically it is a huge image library of links throughout the Internet. Sign up quickly
with your email address (they respect your privacy), create your own virtual
bulletin boards by clicking on art that you like, and in a
while you'll have a huge collection of watercolor art to study that seems to keep growing.
Remember to search for "watercolor".
Artist Daily has a good collection of watercolor instruction articles
Other watercolor instruction sites:
Web Design School has a good collection of blogs on watercolor technique