HueScope Apps
What are HueScope Applications?
HueScope PhotoStrator and HueScope Separator were originally developed as a way for watercolor artists to quickly experiment with
different color combinations, as they plan a color scheme for a watercolor painting.

Both of these applications work by detecting target colors within a digital photo. Over 19 target colors can be selected in detecting multiple
sequential color separations which mimic the color palettes of traditional watercolor painting. The result of color detection is a group of
translucent colored
regions which overlay upon one another during render, blending their colors for the look of watercolor art in the final
. If a contour sketch in pencil, charcoal, or ink is desired, the apps can also detect outlines.

Watercolor art is frequently done by applying a few translucent color washes over one another with a brush. Because of the translucent nature
of color washes, the colors tend to blend and create new colors where two or more different colored washes overlap. Due of the blending of
overlaying colors, a painting which seems to be made of many different colors can be accomplished with only a few different color washes. The
mixing of translucent color is a big part of watercolor art's appeal, and creates an intrinsic color structure within the final painting. Watercolor art
is often quickly executed, and a loose feel to its bushstrokes often adds spontaneity and enhances its appeal.

These traditional qualities of watercolor art -- translucent color blending and loose brushstrokes -- have been digitally recreated in
Separator to enable quick and exciting color studies from photos. PhotoStrator and Separator are so easy to use that you do not need to
know anything about art to quickly start creating interesting color illustrations from your digital photos.
Generate Watercolor Art From Your Photos.
Introducing HueScope apps, color detection and illustration creation from digital photos.
HueScope  PhotoStrator
HueScope  Separator
PhotoStrator is a full featured retail application that you can use to
create commercial graphics from your photos. HueScope
contains all the features of HueScope
Separator, and many new
additional features.

Just load a photo into
PhotoStrator and you can process up to eight
Color Separation detections to create final overlaying regions in
shades of grey, as well as 19 popular watercolor pigments.

Not only can
PhotoStrator automatically detect outlines to create
pencil, charcoal, and ink contour sketches for your art, but it can also
accept scans of your hand-drawn sketches as bitmap files. Outlines
can also be drawn with the mouse or a graphics tablet, like a Watcom
digital drawing graphics tablet.

PhotoStrator also comes with a Tool-Bar which allows precise selection
of graphic elements for focused modification.

Not only can final layered images be saved as bitmap files, but they
can also be saved with control their settings as RegionList files, which
can be modified during later sessions.

Go to the
PhotoStrator Product Page to get more details about this
innovative new software.
Separator is a free, downloadable application similar to
PhotoStrator, but with a smaller set of tools and

19 popular watercolor pigments as your target colors for the With it
you can create up to five Color Separation detections using

Separator is easy to use. Just load a photo, tweak a few controls
on the Separation Creation dialog, press the Preview Button, and
you'll have your first layered watercolor illustration. Layered
illustrations can also be saved as bitmap files.

Separator comes with many features which can modify the color
detection and rendering process, so you can make adjustments in
generating a variety of color studies from a single photo. If a
contour sketch in pencil, charcoal, or ink is desired,
Separator can
also detect outlines from the source photo.

You can download
Separator right now for free -- from this website
to your Windows computer.

Go to the
Separator Product Page to get more details about this
free, downloadable software.