Frequent Questions
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Can PitchScope apps transcribe bass guitar notes?   

At this time they can not detect notes that low. However we are considering creating a new product that could also transcribe bass.

Some Windows 10 users report that after a successful installation of the software, the app (Player, Navigator, Separator, etc)
will not start and/or gives an error message like "Player has stopped working". This is due to a simple Compatibility Setting
for Windows, and can easily be fixed.

First, Re-Start your computer and then try to again start Player (or whatever app you are using). If that does still does not work, try the
following steps:
1)  Use the Windows Search Textbox (Start Button, lower left) and search for the Executable File of that app (PsPlayer.exe,
PsNavigator.exe, HsSeparator.exe) on your computer. Its path might be:  C:\Program Files(86)\CreativeDetectors\Player\PsPlayer.exe
2)  When you find the Executable File for the app (ex: PsPlayer.exe), go to its Folder, click on its name with the Right mouse button, and
select "Properties" from the DropDown menu. You will see a dialog box. Upon that dialog box click on the TAB that says "Compatibility".
3)  Upon the Compatibility Tab's page,  CHECK the CheckBox for  "Compatibility mode (Run this program in compatibility mode for)", and
from its DropDown Menu select "Windows 7" ( or "Windows 8" ).
4)  Then hit the OK Button at the bottom of the dialog box to SAVE your Setting. The app should now be able to launch. If you still have
difficulties, please send us a message from our support page: and we will help you.

Does PitchScope also analyze and transcribe chord progressions?

PitchScope products can not transcribe chords but will resort to finding the most dominant note at any given moment in the music.

I'm interested in PitchScope Navigator. Is there a free version of Navigator that I can download to test its performance?

There is not a free evaluation copy of Navigator, but you can download the shareware app PitchScope Player for free from this site.
PitchScope Player uses a Note Detection Engine that is very similar to the one that Navigator uses, except that Player can not transcribe
and play at Slowed-down Speeds. After installing Player you can load some instrumental solos on MP3 files, and while you play them the
Note Detector will spontaneously find and play their notes through Windows built-in Midi Synthesizer. Player comes with a thorough Online
Help Manual so you can learn the subtitles of making a good note transcription with either Player or Navigator.  

Can PitchScope output to External Midi devices?

Only PitchScope Navigator can output its playing Midi notes to an EXTERNAL Midi device that is connected to the computer. Then, while
detecting notes or playing Notelist transcriptions, the midi notes will not come from your computer's speaker but from the sound system
you have connected to your External Midi Device.

Can PitchScope write its Notelists with Musical Notation?

PitchScope Navigator and PitchScope 1.0 can NOT print their Notelist in standard Musical Notation, but can print their Notelist in a kind of
Piano Roll Format that resembles how you see the notes on its display.

Are you able to offer a version for Mac?

There is not yet a version for the Mac.

I need something to tell me what musical key my songs are in. Can PitchScope do that?

PitchScope Navigator can automatically approximate the musical key of the song. The musical key detector is not entirely accurate, but
provides reasonably good results.

The music I have on my PC I have obtained through ITunes, can I input that format to PitchScope?

PitchScope products can only read song files that are in .MP3 or .WAV format.

Can your Note Detection feature tell me if a note in a vocal track is slightly out of key, like if it was being sung a little sharp?

PitchScope products can not tell if a note is a little sharp or flat, but will resort to approximating and will pick the note's closest value.

Can you save your PitchScope Notelists as a standard Midi File, or in some other way put the data into another program that
supports MIDI?

Though PitchScope Navigator and PitchScope 1.0 can save their Notelist transcriptions to hard drive, they can NOT output standard Midi
files. However, we are considering a future release that would enable PitchScope 2.0 to be able to output Midi files.