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Download and Installation Instructions for Player
Download Player
Getting Started with PitchScope Player
Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed PitchScope Player, it's time to learn how to use Player.

Start PitchScope Player by either mouse double-clicking upon its icon on the Desktop, or launch PitchScope Player from the
Start Button's "Programs" Menu, and then locate "PitchScope Player" upon that menu.

You need to read Player's Online Help in order to learn how to use Player. You can open the Online Help from Player's Help
Menu, or you could press the F1 Button on your keyboard.

First read the first help topic called "About PitchScope Player". Then go ahead and perform the tutorial called, "Detecting
Notes While Playing a Song - Tutorial". That tutorial should give you a quick and easy tour of Player's basic operations.
1)  After mouse-clicking on the "Download Now" button at the bottom of this webpage, you will see the "Opening
setupPlayer.exe" dialog box that asks where you should save the file (setupPlayer.exe).

2)  Press the "Save File" Button and pick a Known Folder to hold the PitchScope Player installation file which is named
"setupPlayer.exe." The file will then proceed to download. Do NOT press a "Run" Button, or try to run the installation file from
the server! The installation file is about 1 MB in size and download time on a dial-up connection is about 3 minutes, and of
course a DSL or Cable connection will be much quicker.

3)  After the file has completely downloaded, locate and open the Known Folder that has the file you just downloaded
(setupPlayer.exe). Now you must
launch the installation application called setupPlayer.exe. With the mouse, right-click on
"setupPlayer.exe". From the pop-up menu select "Run As Administrator" if you are using Vista, or select "Open" if running other
versions of Windows. If you are not running Vista, you could optionally double-click with the mouse's left button upon the file
called "setupPlayer.exe" to launch the installation of PitchScope Player. Follow the installation program's simple instructions.

                                   .   .   .   .   .   .

After a successful installation you should be able to run PitchScope Player by clicking on its icon upon the Desktop, and also
be able to run PitchScope Player from the Start Menu's "Programs" tab.

If you have trouble downloading the file or your installation was NOT successful, please contact us at
customersupport@creativedetectors.com, and we will resolve your problem.
System Requirements:
To use this software, your Windows PC should have:
- A microprocessor running faster than 750 MHz
- At least 256 MB of RAM
- A graphics display of at least 256 colors
- Direct X, Version 4.0 or later
- Microsoft Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
- A sound chip or sound card
Player Download
Downloaded shareware version with online manual.