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Creative Detectors is a software company dedicated to creating educational and creativity
software for children and adults alike.

In the coming months look for new software releases similar to PitchScope Navigator, which will
allow students of the arts to make valuable and insightful analyses of previous artistic works.
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Welcome to Creative Detectors,
the company that created
PitchScope Navigator, a
software application that can automatically transcribe
musical instrument solos from MP3 music files upon
your computer.
PitchScope products were originally designed to help musicians figure out and write down the notes in a recording of a
musical instrument's solo, such as a solo from a saxophone or an electric guitar.

PitchScope applications, like
PitchScope Navigator and PitchScope Player are a type of music analysis software that
is designed to detect the most dominant pitch (a musical note) at any given moment in time within a MP3 or WAV music file.
Navigator and Player are designed to work on musical instrument solos, and is not really intended to detect the pitch of a
human voice. They can not detect multiple simultaneous notes, but will resort to just finding the loudest pitch at any given
moment in time.

Pitch detection upon
polyphonic recordings (multiple instruments playing at once) has long been a major puzzle for audio
research scientists. While this detection problem has not been fully solved, PitchScope products can make accurate note
detections in many circumstances. Harmonically dense instruments like electric guitars, saxophones, blues harmonicas,
clarinets, will allow note detection better than harmonically sparse instruments, such as a flute.

PitchScope products allow you to
automatically transcribe in realtime the notes of an instrumental solo within a MP3 music file.

After detection creates a Notelist, the notes are then displayed in a graphic editor where they can be modified and/or played
back for easy learning at various Slowed-down Play Speeds, which play the music more slowly while maintaining the
instrument's original pitch. Transcribed Notelists can be printed out, edited, and saved and/or reloaded from your hard drive.
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