PitchScope Products
Like to have sheet music for any
instrumental solo on your computer?
Introducing PitchScope products,  automatic note detection for your MP3 and WAV music files.
What are PitchScope Applications?
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Navigator's  Realtime Note
Detection Engine can
transcribe the notes of an instrumental
solo on a MP3 recording, while it
renders those notes upon a variety of
animated displays.

The detected notes are automatically
recorded to a Notelist which can be
edited, printed out, or saved and
reloaded from hard drive for user
practice sessions.

Navigator can also detect notes at
different Slowed-Down Speeds, which
can play the MP3 music more slowly
while maintaining the instruments'
original pitch.  

Player is much more than a MP3
player -- it can also do realtime note
detection while you listen. The newly
detected notes are animated upon a
colored circular display, while your
Windows Midi Synthesizer plays the
detected notes
along with the music.

Player is designed to work on musical
instrument solos, and is not really
intended to detect the pitch of the
human voice.

Player is a free shareware
application that you can download
right now.

The source code for PitchScope
has now been released
under the terms of the GNU General
Public License version 3.

Its C++ source files can be readily
compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Within PitchScope products pitch
detection is done in two stages. First
the ScalePitch is detected by using a
modified Piszczalski algorithm.
'ScalePitch' has 12 possible pitch
values: E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C,
C#, D, D#. Then after ScalePitch is
determined, the octave of the note is
calculated by examining all the
harmonics of four possible octave

The source code can be found and
downloaded at the CreativeDetectors
page on GitHub.com, at the following

PitchScope products are the latest in pitch detection software, and allow you to automatically transcribe in realtime the notes
of an instrumental solo within a MP3 or WAV music file.

After detection creates a Notelist, the notes are then displayed in a graphic editor with piano-roll notation where they can be
modified and/or played back for easy learning at various Slowed-down Play Speeds, which play the music more slowly while
maintaining the instrument's original pitch.

Transcribed Notelists can be printed out, edited, and saved and/or reloaded from your hard drive. PitchScope Products are
designed to work on musical instrument solos, and are not really intended to detect the pitch of the human voice.
PitchScope Navigator
PitchScope Player
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