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What are PitchScope Applications?
PitchScope applications allow you to automatically transcribe in
realtime the notes of an instrumental solo within a MP3 or WAV
music file.

PitchScope Navigator and PitchScope Player work by detecting the
most dominant pitch at any given moment in time.
After detection,
PitchScope Navigator creates a Notelist, the notes are then
displayed in a graphic editor with piano-roll notation where they
can be modified and/or played back for easy learning at various
Slowed-down Play Speeds, which play the music more slowly while
maintaining the instrument's original pitch.

Transcribed Notelists can be printed out, edited, and saved and/or
reloaded from your hard drive. PitchScope apps are designed to
work on musical instrument solos, and are not really intended to
detect the pitch of the human voice.
What are HueScope Applications?
HueScope applications were originally developed as a way for
watercolor artists to quickly experiment with different color
combinations, as they plan a color scheme for watercolor painting.

PhotoStrator and HueScope Separator work by
detecting target colors within a digital photo. Up to 19 target
colors can be selected in detecting multiple sequential color
separations which mimic the colors of a watercolor painting. The
result of color detection is a group of translucent colored regions
which overlay upon one another during render, blending their
colors for a final illustration.

If a contour sketch in pencil, charcoal, or ink is desired, the apps
can also detect outlines. Hand-drawn outlines that are scanned
can also be loaded into
PhotoStrator and combined into your final
illustration. Outlines can also be drawn with a mouse or a
graphics tablet, like a Watcom digital drawing graphics tablet.
Automatic Note Detection in Realtime.
Having trouble figuring out all the notes in that tricky guitar solo?

Just load a MP3 music file, find an instrumental solo, and press
the Play Button.
Navigator and Player work by detecting the most
dominant pitch at any given moment in time -- they can not
detect multiple simultaneous notes.

As the MP3 file plays, the notes of the instrument solo are
transcribed in realtime while they are animated to the display.
The newly detected notes are also played simultaneously with
the music through your built-in Windows Midi Synthesizer. Over
96 stock midi instruments can be selected while the music plays.
Customize Color Separations to Watercolor Pigments.
Ever wonder what watercolor pigments’ colors are contained in a
new photo?

With HueScope apps, targeted Color Separations can instantly
analyze a photo according to the watercolor pigments that are
present within that photo. Or you can pick your own watercolor
pigments to search for, during a custom Color Separation creation.
The result of a Color Separation detection is a list of translucent
colored regions whose target pigment colors will render upon each
other in a final layered image, as watercolor pigments would blend
upon each other's color washes.